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Digital PDF Copy of Super Mega Comics Book

Digital PDF Copy of Super Mega Comics Book


****This product is a pre-order and will be delivered on October 8th, 2017!****

Digital PDF file of the Super Mega Comics book (upon release.)  IF YOU'RE BUYING THE PHYSICAL BOOK DO NOT BUY THIS, the PDF file already comes with the physical book!

This book is a collection of the best and most iconic comics from Super Mega's 12 year history!


•Foreword by Ryan North from Dinosaur Comics
•Guest Comic by Jick from Kingdom of Loathing/West of Loathing
•Guest Comic by Buttersafe
•New book-exclusive content on almost every page including "Bonus Frames" and "Puppies on Top of Other Animals" artwork
•Fan art from Super Mega fans
•Lots of funny photoshopped artwork and extras
•It's not just a collection of comics, it reads more like a huge magazine full of comics!!!


•Super Mega Comics Book
•Digital PDF Copy of Book
•"INSTINCTS" Sticker (free stretch goal reward)
•"BOOKMARK BOY" Bookmark (free stretch goal reward)
•"Puppies on Top of Other Animals" refrigerator magnet (free stretch goal reward)